Thursday, October 8, 2009


Finally, my final exam for 1st sem had finished. Just when I thought of relaxing in this 3 weeks, there's still so much to do...finishing my license,painting the house,taking care of my sister,etc..

I'm actually very allergic to stress and I mean it,literally. Having this illness really kills me. It can calm down and burn up suddenly. It can heal but resurfaces the next day. Sadly, this illness will never go away until the day I die. Just have to bear with it.

About the title? Yeah, I'm on holiday. But only for 3 weeks. Sad right. I'm on holiday before my friends who will have their holiday after I finished mine and longer too. ~_~

Oh yeah, it's my friend birthday this weekend. Who? only those who knows know.HUAHUAHUAHAUHAUHUA~~~

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Anonymous said...

happy holiday.. hahhhaa