Thursday, October 8, 2009


Finally, my final exam for 1st sem had finished. Just when I thought of relaxing in this 3 weeks, there's still so much to do...finishing my license,painting the house,taking care of my sister,etc..

I'm actually very allergic to stress and I mean it,literally. Having this illness really kills me. It can calm down and burn up suddenly. It can heal but resurfaces the next day. Sadly, this illness will never go away until the day I die. Just have to bear with it.

About the title? Yeah, I'm on holiday. But only for 3 weeks. Sad right. I'm on holiday before my friends who will have their holiday after I finished mine and longer too. ~_~

Oh yeah, it's my friend birthday this weekend. Who? only those who knows know.HUAHUAHUAHAUHAUHUA~~~

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just when I was about to watch my fav team play tonight, some ppl is there before me. They were watching Dortmund vs Real Madrid. honestly, I'm really pissed off. Then more people came, they ask whether got show the Burnley Man Utd match. I say ya, think so. At half time, I decided to change the channel without thinking what other people say. But unfortunately, they didn't show the f**kin match!!! Damn it, from a possibly good day turned into a BAD DAY!!!!and now I'm back in my room surfin the net to know just the live scores. Hope Man Utd wins!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am somehow down today.
I don't know, maybe it's just me.
People change and really, I mean it.
Let's just say I am not my usual self today.

Can't concentrate, can't study, can't do anything properly.
Well that's it.

Just hopefully it gets better tomorrow. =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life goes on, But friendship stays forever.

Well, after reading the post by 2 of my friends, this what I have to say. TOUCHED. To be honest, I rarely got this uneasy feeling when reading someone's post. But today, after reading one post made by my friend, FARAH NADIAH IZZAYATI, it made me realize how precious my friends are.

When I first met THEM, I would never have thought to be friends with them until now. could think. How many years already? About 5 years if my math is correct. In those 5 years, a lot of things have happened. I could write dozens of dictionaries filled with memories with those 5 years. Memories which will never be forgotten by myself and I'm sure my precious friends. Laughter,Sadness,Seriousness, every element you could think off. Everything is there every time we met we would talk for long hours and refuse to go home.

From form 2 till now, our friendship still stays the same even though we are going our own way. From riding a bicycle to riding a car. From being fashion less to have a fashion sense. From a teenager to a grown adult. From being an immature kid to be a grown person. All that haven't stopped us from being friends and that still stands till now.

We will graduate from our respective university, go to work, get goes on. But, remember this, don't ever forget K.T.R.G.. just keep in touch, no matter where you are in German or UK or somewhere else in Malaysia. One day for sure we will meet again and I hope we will laugh just like we did right now. :-)